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Gabriel Answering Comments—Jan 17

Hello Kathleen!
Your daughter has been very easy to travel with (but don’t tell her that) and makes for a great teammate; we really work well together. I know that you’re very proud of her, and I think you’ll be even more proud when you see her in action out here. Thanks for the “guest book.” It is a great idea. The people in the camps were so excited when Connie was collecting their names. They want to feel connected to something outside of the camps. Now we’ll have them write their names in this guestbook, and we’ll take their picture. We’ll take the notebook around with us on our Camp Darfur tour. See you from the camps very soon!

Hey Tiffany, or as we call you within the team, T!
We are getting closer to the camps. It’s strange how a day here will takes so far, not only physically but also mentally from our “regular” world. I can’t wait to see Leila either! It is amazing how so many people connected with her beautiful smiling face. We are first going to a camp up north from Abeche, Camps Kounoungo and Mile. We then fly back to Abeche and catch another flight to Goz Beida, from where we will go to Camp Djabal. From there we head back to Abeche, get in our car and drive to Gaga, where Leila lives, before heading out to Farchana, where Mansur lives. I’m excited but also sad, frustrated, happy, worried, and just about every emotion you can think of. I like seeing my friends, but I wish I was seeing them in a peaceful Darfur.

Hola Connie:
Hala says hi! We just missed Jorge, since he left on leave recently. But, from wherever he is, he text messaged Hala, saying “hi” and “don’t forget to take them to the local authorities!” The never ending story of going to get permits! Yes, everyone has told us about Zoe’s Arc. It has really made it difficult for all involved in humanitarian efforts here in Chad, but people manage. About the French soldiers in their little shorts, I didn’t not think of “macho, macho man” but very close. The one that came to my mind was “Y,M,C,A!”

Mi amiga Gayle!
OK, I have forgotten all about wrinkled t-shirts :) Gayle, could you please cross your toes now, besides your fingers, cause today we have a whole new paperwork challenge, in the new little town we arrived in. Stay in touch, amiga!

Hello Lisa!
Yes, it was “fun,” the getting out of N’D. Mubarak is great. Sadly, he will not be with us for the rest of the trip. Right now, KTJ and I will be with the wonderful Hala and her crew out in Guereda. We will use resident from the camp as an interpreter, and I’m really looking forward to that. When we head south, we will have a car waiting for us in the next camp. Our good friend, Youssouf, our driver from i-ACT3, helped us out in Abeche and will be sending the car and driver we are hiring. I’m a little nervous. Although I completely trust Youssouf, I usually like to look at the car before I rent it, but it was not possible this time. I’m counting on some more luck for this one! Thanks for always being around and for doing so, so much for human rights. It was such a pleasure to meet all of you in San Antonio!

My man, CP (Cory in the real world)!
Speaking of luck, we really hit it big with you joining the team and at exactly the right time. With SGN/i-ACT, it has always happened this way. When I first started getting involved in this cause, I could have never have imagined that I would one day be surrounded by amazing people, all so willing to give of themselves. I can’t wait to see our friends at the camps either, and you and the rest of the team are right next to us out here in the field.

Hi Nell!
Thank you so much for doing! Pushing for Genocide Curriculi is so much needed, and Connecticut is a good place to start. Although I’m all Mexican, I was born in Milford, CT; don’t ask me! And, thank you for your help in setting up Camp Darfur in NYC! KTJ often mention you, as the lone soul that came out to help us out in the big city :)


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Hello again to sunny Chad,

Dearest Gabriel, Thanks for the kind words earlier. Let’s plan on getting you to Atlanta. I know just the high school for a Camp Darfur and several universities that may work as well. Would love to also arrange for you to give a few talks on your travels at The Carter Center and other places.

Please stay safe and be extra careful this trip and thank you for what you are doing to spread the word of peace. Hello to KTJ. Hope to meet you one day soon and introduce you to contraband s’mores. It’s an tradition!

Peace and Play, Cynthia

Dear Gabriel,
I look forward to being able to visually join you on this trip. Although, in my heart and soul I wish it was a trip into a peaceful Darfur. You are the eyes and ears for the world to always know the truth of what is happening in Darfur and the conditions in Chad. You continue to be the voice of the Darfuri people.

Hoping to get you to Boulder, Colorado this year. Please keep safe and know that you are in my prayers always.

With Infinite love and gratitude,

Mimi Schiff

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