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KTJ Answering Comments, 16 Jan 08 (part 2)

Hola mi amiga Zahara!
Thank you for your kind words! In the week leading up to this trip you could not have been more supportive of me and the whole team! And with me leaving my stuff in all corners of your house! I can imagine the house a little calmer without Gabo and I wrestling in the living room – but don’t worry, I will return and continue my Nacho Libre quest and preparations with him!
Abrazo por ti y Gabo!

Yo Tiffany!
I am so proud that you are on out team! Your passion and dedication shines through your comments and emails not to mention all the work you have been doing! I saw that they created a video for the facebook event – you should have seen how many times I tried to upload one of our existing, and too large, videos from previous trips – alas I gave up! I am wearing the bracelet you gave me and it is a constant reminder of you and the team!
Mucho Amor!

Paz, KTJ

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