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Gabriel Answering Comments—Jan 16

Hello Gayle! It’s always great to hear from you, although I’m a little nervous because my HbP t-shirt is even older and will be more wrinkled. Thanks for always spreading the word and for being a boost of energy for me.Hola Antonio!Thanks for the words of encouragement and for always staying active. You’re a doer

Tone, and I know we’ll be creating some action together for some time to come.

Hello Pam B:We have spent so much time on permits, a whole lot more than in any previous trip. The red tape is thick! It has all been created by the French group that tried to take children out of Chad, giving a bad name to all humanitarian relief workers. Today, in Abeche, we went from one office to another getting stamp after stamp. Tomorrow we finally fly up north and might make it to our first camp. Hi to all the Student Task Force members. They have been one of the most consistently active groups in the country. Thanks for all you do to make this happen, Pam.

Hello Mastora:It is great to hear from you, and we will pass on your message to the people in the camps. You are right, the Sudanese government does not believe the world is serious about doing what is right for the survivors of Darfur. It is our responsibility to push the world to live up to the collective “never again” that has been said over and over.

Hey Ali! We miss you here, but you are still very much a member of the team, and I look forward to hearing more about your point of view regarding this crisis. You have the experience that very few people have.

Hola mi Zahas:Si, el avion si estuvo frio y a ver como esta ahora que vamos un poco al norte. Creo que aguanto! Claro que me acuerdo del frio de esa noche de pruebas…wow, lo sentia asta los huesos! Gracias por el apoyo y por encargarte de la casa de los ninos y de todo mi chava. Seguimos platicando. Los extrano mucho pero los siento cerca. Besos.

Hi Amy! You and Pam have done such a great job with STF! I really believe that it’s a model for other high schools and groups to follow. The students that join your program become amazing and effective advocacy workers. Yes, we have been lucky so far, and I’m working on maintaining the streak! :) We’ll be connecting your STF high schools to a camp that we will visit later on our trip; I’ll let all of you know exactly which ones, as we go along. Thanks for the company!

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Gabriel Stauring …. will you let the “laundry issues” go!!! (LOL!!)

(for those new to i-ACT, I made the mistake of trying to lighten the weight of the last trip by sending Connie a message to tell Gabe to iron his t-shirt because he looked messy …… and I’m STILL hearing about it! :)

Sweetie – your dedication, humanity and humility would shine through anything your wore so drag out the grubbiest t-shirt in your bag, put it on and go and be the shiny, brilliant bridge between people that you are.

Safe travels and I’ll cross my fingers for less paperwork in your immediate future.

with nothing but the very best wishes, thoughts and imaginings,

Gayle :)

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