i-ACT 4: Jan 19 - 28, 2008

Host a viewing party!

i-ACT wants you to join the community to end genocide in Darfur, Sudan. One way to do this is to invite your network of friends to watch present (and past!) videos of our field team on the ground between January 19 – 28, 2007. Whether your network includes your students, peers, coworkers, friends or family, by introducing them to a sister, brother, or mother from Darfur, you are connecting and building community for a peaceful Darfur. We will have our usual same day video webcasts, interactive blog and daily action items. For your viewing party we have also add below several resources: stories of survivors, pictures, a petition and more! Join the community to end the genocide in Darfur!

Download our viewing party information kit or grab each file separately below:

Let us know below if you’ll be hosting a viewing party, or if there are any material we can provide which will make it better :)

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