Day 7: July 16, 2007

Ali’s Journal

I ran from my village when the jenjawed and the government were shooting at us. “how did you run?” it’s not easy to run but we escaped only at late in the night when it takes dark, so they can not see us. “Did you bring all your animals? “No not at all i took all our camals some of them were killed for example donkeys and they burned all the houses and the farms as well. And finally my husband was killed during the attack and my seven children ( 3 girl,and 4 boys) are orphan now. That’s was a 40 year old women lives near to Doumaya and Darssalam house.


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Dear Darfurians,

Each day I rise and think of you. I hope that I will hear news of you returning to your homes and that peace is on the horizon. And each day, I make a stronger comittment to you. I will not stop working for your freedom and peace until you return home. Until you reunite with your family and rebuild your home. You live in my heart and my dreams. You are not forgotten.

Peace and Solidarity, Katie-Jay
Portland, OR USA

Dear People of Darfur,
My daughter is KTJ Scott, she is working with Gabriel, Connie and Yuen-lin. Each day we sit down as a family and watch your stories on the video. Our family is working to support your families so that you can realize your dream to return home in peace. I am looking forward to sharing your names and photographs with friends in my village of Laguna Beach, California. Thank you for inviting us to share your journey, you are written on our hearts. You are part of our family.
Peace, Love and Blessings,
Kathleen Scott


After reading the testimony, I was flooded with emotions. Even though I cannot go there are help, i will do my part here and be a voice for those who are trying to be silenced. Your strength is inspiring. You and Darfurians are my heros. You are a shinig example. May Gods hand be upon you.

“If you make the Most High your dwelling, then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command hs angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways…’Because he loves me,’ says the Lord, ‘I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknoledges my name.'” Psalm 91:9-11, 14

Much love

Hello all,
I am at a loss as to what to say, the stories are more and more heartbreaking. People here are doing what they can to get the word out about the plight of the Darfurian people, it doesn’t seem to be enough. Hope all remain safe,
Peace and Love,

Hi, Ali!

How grateful we are to have your translation skills helping i-ACT communicate the stories of these refugees. Please let them know we are doing what we can to get the needed help to end their suffering. Our prayers are with all of you.



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