1. I have been unable to access videos thus far. That may be good in a sense, I cry just reading journals, I couldn’t imagine watching videos of everything. Be safe.

  2. Dear Gabriel, Yuen-Lin and Connie
    Thank you for bringing attention to the genocide in Darfur and moving people to take action. If you don’t mind, could I ask you what effect if any the new found underground oil and water lake might have or might have had to cause or alleviate this crisis? Also, Amnesty has a letter writing campaign to lobby Congress for funding of the joint UN and AU force. How relevant is this funding at this stage and how close are the parties involved to allowing this force into Darfur? These questions are not rhetorical, so I really would like to know more about these subjects, if possible. Maybe, I should ask you also you to take part in the actions if I miss the period the word is in boldface because of my crazy schedule? Thanks again for all the heart you put into this most important crisis……..Tony

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