Day 5: July 14, 2007

Connie’s Mini Journal Addition


Imagine. After all the emotions of the day we were driving back to the camp and were commenting on a bulldozer and steamroller that were on the side of the road, and that they were doing a very good job of flattening out the bumps to the dirt road, and also the ridiculous amount of time and effort it must have taken to get them there, when out of no where come speeding, it seemed like 100 miles x hour, a military convoy of about 10 vehicles crammed with soldiers and lots of guns! We immediately pulled to the side and watched each one go by. The soldiers wear military uniforms but wrap their heads with a turban like you see in the movies and all of them use dark black sunglasses. I held my breath for the second time this trip. It was over quick, as they were going so fast! We resumed our way back and in a comforting voice with his only 2 words of English, Ali #2 said; IT’S O.K. Well just another day in Chad…

Amor y Paz,Connie

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Wow! Thankfully all of you are safe. Could you tell whose troops were in the convoy? How intensely frightening this must have been, and yet maybe even surreal, as you’d never experienced such in person, and to have it happen so fast and unexpectedly. Many reports I’ve read of such road construction indicate the onley areas getting such infrasturcture improvements like road-building/maintenance are those areas needed for military troop movement or government access to natural resources like oil. So I suppose even what superficially appears to be a positive like improved road access can have negative intent behind it. Ali 2 seems to be a very calming individual. All of you take great care.



Wow!! One question, if the means are there to fix roads, why are the means not there to end the genocide. It appears to me priorities are mixed up..

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