Day 4: July 13, 2007

Gabriel’s Responses to Comments, Day 4 (and a few from before)

Replies to Zahara, Mimi, Valeria, MaryAnn, Pam, Tammy, Rachel and Sylvia.

Hola Zaharita:
Sabes, no hemos visto las estufas solares en la cosina de ninguna de las familias que hemos visitado. Vamos a preguntar, pero talvez no las dado en este campamento. Las vamos a buscar. Si; si puedes usar la camiseta de GI Net. Connie y yo usamos de las viejas que yo tenia :) Besos!—g

Hi Mimi and Valeria!
I like it so much that you are both writing to me. You are right. We are so, so lucky, living where we do. We have everything we NEED, and so much more. We many times complain because of not having what we WANT. The children out here are staying alive, but they are far from having what they need. If you have any questions for girls your age out here, let me know, and I’ll ask them. Hugs—g

Hey MaryAnn:
Home is the word that I keep hearing, from my first visit to this region. They all want to go back home, even though the actual homes have mostly been destroyed. We do take so much for granted.

Hi Pam:
Truthfully, I cannot be certain how well they understand our mission. I think they do. We tell them that we collect their stories, their images, and their faces and share them with the world. We bring them messages from friends from far away, saying that they are not forgotten. They definitely understand the power of relationships. I see that they feel the connection and that it brings them hope. We tell them that many, many people want peace for their land, so that they can go back home. They thank us, and I can see that they are truly sincere. I hope the videos, today and the ones to come, show what we see here, this connection. It really feels, to us, that they feel this sense of community with others far away, even if they might not completely understand the extent of it. I’ll ask more. Thanks, Pam!—g

Hi Tammy!
I’m sorry I missed your comment on July 12. We’re getting better at finding all the new ones, no matter where or when they were posted. I’m glad you found our site; how did you, by the way? Thank you for you note, and please stay with us, and, most importantly, participate in the actions and interaction.—g

Hey Rachel:
We do have to be louder, and it has to be many more of us! John Prendergast says that we’re a few degrees from making this as hot as it needs to be for there to be change. So, we have to be louder and hotter! It’s proving to be a tough last few degrees. As you, I also wonder what other genocide survivors think and feel about what is happening in Darfur. I have met some Holocaust survivors and some of the Camp Darfurs we’ve done. They feel the responsibility of having to stand up because, I’ve heard them say, that is how you honor all of those that were killed in the past.—g

Hola Sylvia:
Not only how do you explain war, but how do you explain war primarily against a group of innocent civilians? Thanks for staying with us Sylvia. We have to move to action and get more involved!—g

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