Day 4: July 13, 2007

Ali’s Journal

Note: Ali is a member of the i-ACT team who acts as the team’s guide and interpreter. He lives in Chad with his family.

For me it’s too difficult —

“I need to go back to my home and when you will send me there? I stayed 4 years here and it is too much. I don’t want to stay more.”

This is a young lady that we met this morning in the camp. I replied to her that as soon as there peace in her country she will go. And she asked, this year or next year. You know it is a little bit hard to stay but they do not have a choice.


Children at camp

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Thank you Ali for your strength and support in going to the refugee camps and showing the world the true situation in the camps. It must be hard for you as well to see the same people in the camps for yet another year, and perhaps a year more. Thank you for providing hope to the refugees and education to those of us who can’t be there.
In Peace, KTJ

The one good thing is the people of Darfur know there are others who care. Your being there every year proves that to them. It is all of our wishes that the next time you are there it is to help everyone go home. Thank you for being there for all of us. Be safe

How can someone explain war? I think that it is a topic that not many of us like. It’s aftermath is always destruction. But through the midst of it all, love is there to keep us strong. Hope is also there, giving us the strength that we need to get through the day. I know that the people of Darfur are not the only ones in the camps – we are there with them. The image of the camps are engraved in my mind.
Peace will come to Sudan and the Darfur region. I pray that God will comfort us in the meanwhile.

Press on


I miss you and think of you so often!! You are a vital part of this team and make each i-act journey possible. Take care of yourselves out there as well as all those you touch along the way and give yourself a hug from me.stace


You are selflessly helping these refugees communicate their important message to all of us who need to be educated on their plight. You have great courage and compassion to assist the i-ACT team in such an important way, aiding communications and safe travel through the region. Blessings to you and your family who must also wait patiently for peace.


Lisa Goldner

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