Day 3: July 12, 2007

4 More Responses from Gabriel to Day 3 Comments

Gabriel replies to Mary Conry, Mimi Schiff, Irais and Stacey.

Hello Mary Conry:
Thank you and your friend Courtney for helping! Yes, we did hear a lot of coughing from the children, and we saw runny noses and skin disease. Four years of living in a camp cannot but have a huge impact on body and soul. You are right, there are few adult men. It is mostly women and children in these camps. We asked that exact question to a group of women yesterday, and they said that it is because men are killed during the attacks on their villages back in Darfur.—G

Hi Mimi Schiff:
See you in Santa Clarita on August 12! Yes, there is still good in the world.—G

Hola Irais:

Si, Leila esta hermosa y los campamentos estan llenos de chiquillos y chiquillas como ella. Ayer pateamos un poco una pelota improvisada que un nino hizo de tela. Futbol esta en todos lados! Vi a otros ninos con los mismos tipos de pelotas. Ellos encuentran como jugar! Oye, que paso con la copa America?–G

Hi Stace!

I’ve been thinking a lot about you. We’re staying at the same compound where you and I staid last December, remember, the one where the termites started to eat the book you were reading? Well, now we are invaded every night by whole armies of insects, and there’s just no way to keep them out. At the camps, people remember you and ask about you. I hope you and baby are well. Big hug.–G

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