Day 3: July 12, 2007

More of Gabriel’s Responses to Day 3 Comments

Gabriel replies to Amanda, Meron his Canadian friend, Lisa, Mimi Hermosa, Shelley, Mimi Hermosa, Mimi Schiff, Marv, Spencer and Valeria.

Hi Amanda:
It is great to hear from you. We really enjoyed bringing Camp Darfur to Delaware. You did an amazing job of bringing people together and getting them involved. We need many more people like you all around the country and the world. Thanks for what you do.—G

Hello my dear Canadian friend :)
I would also much prefer to be reporting about the refugees going back home to a peaceful Darfur, but the world has not embraced the responsibility to make it happen. What’s also sad to think about is that they have no homes to go back to, since most villages were burnt to the ground. They have not been taking care of their lands. But, they all do want to go back so, so much. Hey, you can still whine to Yuen Lin, even if he’s out here. You can’t just leave the whining-to-Yuen Lin up to Connie and Me. And, please, get Gayle off my back about my t-shirt. Love—G

Hello Lisa:
You are right. Each departure is difficult. We get to spend time with beautiful children that are in situations we could never accept for our own children. We then get in our cars and leave them behind. We can’t do this. We have to all come together and support these children, as if they were ours, because they are!—G

Hi Mimi Hermosa:
Thanks for writing to us every day! And, you write so well. Did you inherit that from your Papi or your Mami? :) All of these children are your friends, Mimi, and Gabo’s also. Pretty cool, huh? Hablamos pronto, Mimi Hermosa.—tu papi.

Hello Shelley:
Of course I remember you. Thanks for your note and thanks for coming back and giving us company on i-ACT3. Thank you so much for doing your part. Please share with all of us if you have any ideas on how we can get more people involved and do more. I know that you and I and many others have learned so much from Pam Bruns, a master human rights teacher.—G

Hi Mimi Schiff!
Thank you for defending my t-shirt! And, thank you for your constant company. I know, I still have Leila’s smiling face stamped on my mind. Mimi, I’m looking forward to coming to your city with Camp Darfur. I don’t remember the exact date, but I have it on my calendar. Love—G

Brother Marv:
Thank you for your note, and please say hi to all in Redding. You and your group are a model for how a community can come together and stay at it. We will be traveling to your camp in the 16th. We will be in touch!—G

Nice to hear from you, and thank you for staying active and letting others know about what is happening in Darfur. I know we’ll work together often in the future.—G

Hola Valeria:
I’m glad that you are watching the videos. You and Mimi can talk about them and think of ways for other young people like you can spread the word about the children of Darfur. Thanks for your note!—G

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Hey Gabriel: I’ve been following your journey and at every day’s reading I get goose bumps….I’ve enlisted my friend Courtney from Louisianna to help with IAct’s cause and that of stopping genocide. Been in contact with the “ground team” and am in contact with a few faith organizations to spread the word. One thing that stood out on day 3 was the coughing child in the backgound…it was so intermittant yet telling. The children seem so content…I saw no adult men…is that the norm? Where are they all? I’m almost afraid to ask. Courtney has spoken with John Prendergast in the past…alas he was too busy to enlist her help…then through God’s grace (in my eyes) we have found a common cause.

More on the subject of your trip…your sister is so refreshing and positive…the children love her…a good balance to the team. God speed to you all…my prayers are with you?

Dear Gabriel,
I look forward to bringing Camp Darfur and the Benefit for Darfur to the Santa Clarita Valley on August 12. As always it will be a family affair as we will all be involved. I continue to believe as Anne Frank said in her diary “That there is still good in the world”. When I look at the faces and smiles of the children I know that she was right.
Love and prayers for a safe journey,
Mimi Schiff

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