Day 2: July 11, 2007

More replies from Connie

Connie replies to more comments from Gina, Daniel, Rachel, and KT-J.

Hey Gina Aloha!
Incredible how we can connect to everyone all over the world (uups I just dated myself!) I’m happy you and Brandon are watching, and after visiting with the kid’s at the camps today how fortunate I am to have such beautiful, healthy family. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hi Daniel,
Welcome again! We also are very sad to see that the situation is getting worse than when Gabe was here for the first time and the second, even though the agencies are doing their best the numbers keep growing, and it becomes more crucial to find a solution soon. Thank’s for following. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hola Rachel,
I’m so glad we left N’djamena! Everything there felt unstable, but without any complications to report.
Why do we have to see starving almost dead babies to be moved, These people have suffered tremendously and continue to do so, yes the agencies have sustained them but still we shouldn’t forget that this is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hi KT-J,
It’s very hard to know if you are cut out for the kind of work you mention, not until you are actually here. We have just come for a few days and know we are going home, you have to have a whole different frame of mind to want to spend considerable amount of time here. You also must evaluate your talents, and know where you can be most effective ,sometimes it is right at home. Amor y Paz,Connie

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