Day 3: July 12, 2007

Gabriel’s Responses to Day 3 Comments

Replies to Gina, Gayle, Tere and Zahara.

Hi Gina:
That was a good entry by Connie! It was a wild day. That river crossing was pretty intense. We saw the truck in front of us go so much under that you only saw from the window up, and all the rest under water. Then our driver, Ali, just went for it, with little time for us to think about it, and I knew that the car had to keep on moving, or we’d be trapped in the water. The new camera we have is not that good for open-and-shoot, so it took a while to get it going, and I did not capture the entire crossing, but wow, that was a lot more excitement (of that kind) than I expected yesterday.–G

Gayle, my friend :)
What are you talking about!? My t-shirt looks just perfect. I’ll look for the nearest dry-cleaner next time, though. But, I am going through Red Bull withdrawals. I’m in so bad a shape that I’m even drinking a little regular cola now and then.–G

Hey Tere:
Yeah, those faces! I think I use this word a lot when I come out here, but overwhelming is the best way to describe what it is to be welcomed by smiling children like that.–G

Hola mi Zahas:
Si que tengo muchos hijos e hijas, eh!? En verdad que ser papa es lo que me mueve a venir aca. Todos estos ninos y ninas son igual de queridos por sus papas que como nosotros queremos a Gabo y Mimi. Como seria si fueramos nosotros los que vivimos aqui? Te quiero mucho.–G

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Great to see Day 3 Video. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Had my son and family with us for a few days and of course we did the Sundial Bridge. Thought of you and all you are doing Tuesday night while on the bridge. Am sending daily reports to 150+ on our EMail list in Redding and Shasta County. Any idea of when you will be in Camp Ko? Looking forward to speaking to you. Prayers will be said in churches for you Sunday. Give those wonderful little ones hugs for me. Peace. Marv

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