Day 3: July 12, 2007

Connie’s replies to comments

Connie’s replies to Jack, Carito, Ira, MaryAnn, Mimish, Lisa, Zaharita, Mimi S, KTJ, Tere and Mami.

Hey Jack,
Thank’s for following this is going to get more interesting, so keep following I appreciate it.Thank’s for the support! Amor y Paz,Connie.

Hola Carito,gracias por tus deseos y espero que esta labor tenga resultados positivos.Saludos a tu familia .Amor y Paz,Connie.P.D. Pasa la voz!

Gracias Ira,
Te mando los besos de retacha y nos vemos en los videos. Saludos a todos los muppets,Amor y Paz Connie

Mary Ann,
We appreciate all your coments, and we also need you to help us find more solutions, lets brainstorm together and come up with some ideas. Amor y Paz, Connie

Hi Mimish.
My first trip to Africa has been very enlightening. I’m glad I’m here to meet with our family from Darfur.Thank’s for your support and keep in touch.Amor y Paz, Connie

Dear Lisa,
We have to work fast. I see the urgency, and I’m not sure how much longer these children can bare the harsh conditions. Let’s spread the word: Our leaders must do something immediately to stop this. Thank-you for helping us on our mission and I know we can count on you. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hay Zaharita,
Si supieras! Gracias por el apoyo. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hi Mimi S.
We are so happy you are with us again! I was so impressed by your commitment at our first Camp Darfur in L.A..I wish there were millions more like you. Thank-you for your kind words and I’m glad to have you on our team. We will stay safe and keep in touch. Amor y Paz.Connie.P.S. Say hi to Rachel.

Hi KT-J,
The tension is definitely in the air ,And on our way to the camps we encountered many convoy’s with military escorts,but up to now no problem at the checkpoints or on the road, let’s hope it stays that way. Thank-you for your concern and all the hard work you have put into making this trip a successful one. Amor y Paz,Connie.

Hola Tere,
We do take for granted so many things,and so many are things you can’t buy. Like moving about freely and living in a safe enviorment.We have it made! But also speak up for the people who don’t.Amor y Paz,Connie. P.S. say hi to Charles

Hola Mami,
Gracias con tu ayuda con los volantes, se hace un esfuerzo tan extraordinario que es una lastima que no nos sigan muchas mas personas. Estamos bien y con entusiasmo para seguir adelante.
Amor y Paz,Cany.

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