Day 15 (Bonus day!): Jan 4, 2007

More responses from Stacey #2

Tony, Hi, hope all is well with you. Thanks for following up on the actions. Yes, I think their traditions are just so different that with all the enforced change, solar ovens may just feel very foreign. I think it’s pretty universal to want ” home cooking” but the idea is very creative and people have been very generous raising money for them. I need to research the whole environmental angle to the genocide and suspect that a lack of resources is at play, however, a genocidal government is a genocidal government . I look forward to reading up on it when I get back. In all my reading, I somehow missed this. All the best to you and yes, we need UN boots on the ground asap to ensure safety. Peace, Stacey

Thank you, Isaac, for being a part of i-Act. We appreciate you watching and spreading the word. Peace, Stacey

Thank you, Megan Goldner to you and your AMAZING mom! So many people we’ve talked to who have been inspired to help others have had moms like yours. I can’t wait to come to Texas with Camp Darfur! My boyfriend’s family is there and it will be great to meet your family while doing Camp Darfur in his hometown. You are such a wonderful family of activists and we are grateful to work with you!!!!! Peace & Love, Stace

Rachel V., We ate lots of tuna and breakfast bars( until they ran out!) that we packed and skipped dinner almost every night. There were a few omelets at NGO cafeterias for which we were VERY grateful. Seeing the people’s conditions here changed my relationship to food and I lost my appetite for awhile. Looking forward to an Inn & Out Burger and some greens though. YES, BRAVO to the i-Act team back home. They are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! Big Hug, stace

Thanks Teresa! Looking forward to seeing you and your family and talking in more detail about the work here and at home. Hugs, Stace

Thanks for following the journey, Ann. Would love to hear more about your work. Wishing you the all the best in your endeavors, Stacey

Nancy, missing Ahmat was a big disappointment. Hopefully many will continue to act and raise awareness back home. All The best, Stacey

Jules, Thanks and I can’t wait to see you and share the pictures of those your bracelets touched! Safe travels and I’ll see you soon. So Grateful for your friendship , guidance and faith! Always, stace

Lisa Goldner, see you at Camp Darfur in Texas! Yes, we’ll miss everyone but carry them in our hearts. There is a lot of sadness leaving, knowing the people of Darfur cannot go home but I feel sure that people like you and your family will continue to shepherd them safely home with your actions! So Many Blessings to You All, Stace

Missy, I am so glad that you feel closer to those you’ve prayed for for so long. We are grateful for your prayers and continued action. Much Peace, Stacey

Thank you diana y. for your beautiful words and support of the refugees. YES, we must stop this genocide and it is possible!! Keep up your dedicated work. Peace Always, Stacey

Yes, Marilyn, stepping through the fear was very freeing for me. I’m sure it will continue to resonate in my life as it has each time I’ve faced a fear. Would love to check out Glide when I get to NoCal. We have much work to do but wonderful souls like you to do it with! Let’s stop this genocide, my friend. Peace & Blessings, Stace

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