Day 15 (Bonus day!): Jan 4, 2007

More responses from Gabriel #2

Hey Tony: Yes, the role environmental issues play are is also important. You are right in that the immediate solution has to be for the world to act now, and long term issues can be worked on with the assurance that there will people there to live in a balanced environment. Thanks Tony!

Hello Isaac: Thanks, and I really also hope that people connect with the people they met through our days of i-ACT and that it moves them to act!

Hola Connie: A de ser la combinacion de ranflis, tu y la computadora. Espero que la estes pasando bien. Ya casi estamos en casa :)

Hello Megan: Wow, you and your mom, Lisa, are pretty amazing. I lived in San Antonio for a short period as a teenager, after moving there from Monterrey, Mexico, where I grew up. Stace and I, and maybe others from our community, will definitely come to your home town with Camp Darfur and help to create some great action. And, you know, you and your family are a part of the team, Stop Genocide Now & Team i-ACT.

Hey Rach: We had periods of eating a little and periods of eating just a bit more. We brought tuna and nuts, and I got pretty tired of that. We asked for eggs at any opportunity that presented itself, thinking that it was something that could be cooked easily, and it would assure us that it would be something well cooked. I was hungry at times, but it was bearable, knowing that a meal would come soon enough and being so busy. I don’t think I lost as much weight as last time. I’m so, so ready for some big meals, though!

Hi Tere! Thanks for all the support and for the help with the tickets. See you soon!

Hello Ann: Thank you and thanks to Pam for spreading the word. Your travels through the Middle East must bring some fascinating experiences. So many problematic political situations around the world…

Hola Nancy! Yes, I’m also sorry that we did not get to Ahmat, but it is the nature of this escalating crisis. The violence is spreading. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Hello Mimi Schiff: I am reading this in N’djamena and close to going home. Thank you so much for your company! I look forward to working with you in person soon.

Hi Marilyn: And THANK YOU so much! We will come with Camp Darfur to Davis; let’s work on that. It was so great to read your comments every day. Thank you for being so involved and being an upstander!

Hi Missy: Thank you for “doing your part,” and thank you for committing to continual action. We cannot take a break from this because each day means so much.

Hello Diana Y: What a great post. It is messages like yours and others here that inspire me to do more. Thank you.

Hi Stacey’s Mom :) Thank you so, so much for your great support and for having such a great angel of a daughter. I look forward to setting up tents next to you sometime in the future.

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