i-ACT 1: Nov 21 - Dec 10, 2005


On Air France plane sitting at N’D airport


“Did you accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish?” Chris asked me.

On the field, given the challenges and our limitations, I’m “happy” with what we did. We presented the human side of the story, going beyond the numbers. Now we have some faces, happy and sad, that go along with the ungraspable immensity of the crisis. We could have done a lot better; no doubt about it. It was a great learning experience.

The work in Chad is only one side of the project. The other, very important, side is turning what i-ACT produced into clear and intense pressure that contributes to changing the situation in Darfur, for the refugees, the IDPs, and any other term you want to use to describe what they are. With i-ACT, it became clear that what “they” are is “US!” They are a part of the same humanity that we all are a part of, and their smiles, and their suffering, speaks our same language.

Please help me create this pressure. Be a part of SGN and i-ACT’s new phase. Sign up for our newsletter. We wills oon be sending out a list of specific campaigns and ways that YOU can help.


3 replies on “Happy?”

I just watched everything from day 16 through to the end and I was brought to tears.

You did a great job of putting a real human touch to this tragic situation and yes the real job has just begun.

Again I want to say I am proud to know you Gabriel and thanks for seeing a need and just stepping out to bring it to our attention.

Gabriel you can count on us for that future job that needs to be done, I would ask anyone else that witnessed this 21 days of i-ACT to please consider being a part of making a differance for these people.



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