Day 14: Dec 3, 2005

Today’s Action

This weekend give-up a little bit and give a lot

Give-up something for the weekend (like eating out, buying coffee, going to the movies, etc.) and donate the money you would spend to i-ACT or to a humanitarian organization currently helping to save the lives of Darfurian children, women, and men.

Here are some suggestions and links to organizations to which you might want to send your gift. Of course, you may also send it to another organization of your choice.

One reply on “Today’s Action”

Hi Gab,
I look forward to watching the videos everyday. I’m looking forward to seeing your final product on the big screen. The video really adds another dimension and gives us a clearer picture of what’s going on over there. Keep up the good work. Who does the video editing, you or Chris? They’re good…

David J.

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