Day 3: Nov 23, 2005

No sleep

It is too late, or too early, to go to sleep now. We stayed up setting up the upload for day two of i-ACT. Before that, we did the final edits. It has not been easy here in N’D.

The city rations the electricity, so we have to be very careful about always charging our multiple electronic devices when there is the chance.

One of the challenges here at the guesthouse is that we are surrounded by high walls, so the signal from the satellite cannot get through. To fix this, we climb a wooden ladder to the top of the patio wall, and we set up our equipment there. We did part of day one from the roof next door, but we could not get up there tonight.

A driver comes to get us at 5:45, and we’re off to the airport to see if we can get on the WFP flight to Abeche.



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Hey Gabriel,
This is Marleesha Davis once agian and you will be seeing me for a long time because i am was touched by what you are doing for these people.Well I have been watching your I-ACT you are on day 9 now and i am really blessed that you can be there and help the hurting people.MY church and I are still keeping you in prayer.
Marleesha Davis

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