i-ACT: Day Two

Today’s Action

Tell your friends about i-ACT.

Talk to at least five friends about the crisis in Darfur and invite them to participate in i-ACT.
Be a part of the solution. Let’s spread the word.


Gabriel co-founded Stop Genocide Now in 2005, which gave birth to i-ACT in 2009.

He became involved in the situation in Darfur out of a sense of personal responsibility. He believes the power of community and compassion, combined with personal empowerment, can bring about meaningful change.




One Response to “i-ACT: Day Two”
  1. Patricia B. says:

    Wow Gabriel. It works and tonight I was able to see you in Chad. I really look forward to tuning in each day. And, it will be a great way to connect friends and family with what is going on with Darfur.

    Be safe. All prayers are with you on this journey. love, Patricia

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