Day 3: March 26

Its Worth Every Hurtle

I would love to be taking a nap in the plane right now. We are 23,000 feet above the arid, Chadian desert. Finally, a step closer to the refugee camps. A step that was quite exhausting. But it wouldn’t be Chad if it was easy. After sleeping for about two hours, we abruptly finished packing, […]

Day 1: March 24

G’s Journal—Day 1

23 March 2009 12:04pm N’Djamena We took a way-too-expensive taxi ride from our hotel to UNHCR headquarters this morning.  The ride takes you down the busiest boulevard in N’Djamena, with cars honking everywhere, motorbikes weaving in and out, and pedestrians risking their lives—all on the same strip of pavement.  Between the sand filled wind and […]