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Welcome to Kou Kou

The i-ACT team finally arrives in Kou Kou, the forward operating base for UNHCR in Camp Goz Amer.

Day 7: March 29

Can you hear me now?

Back home, I’m connected at all times. My Blackberry is attached to my hand. I don’t think it could fall out, even if I tried to drop it. My Mac is control central for all my activities and communication. E-mails, blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, and many more forms of reaching out and listening in are […]

Day 5: March 27

Photos from Camp Goz Amer

Day 4: March 26

The Team Makes it to Camp Goz Amer

Day 10: December 18


For our last day in the camps we would love to share with the Darfuris of Camp Goz Amer your messages to them. Leave your personal note or comment to them below and we will pass it on during our last day in the camps!

Day 9: December 17

No People Should Be An Island (Reasons #66 – #68)

“We have been waiting seven years for someone to ask that question, and you are the first to ask it,” a teacher told us, when I asked, “What would you like to tell people around the world about you, your life, and your people?”  Someone else said, “You are our bridge.” (#66) Camp Goz Amer […]