Seeds of Action

It has been amazing to be here to watch things fall into place. While here, I have paused as I am

10 Things I’ve Learned

(in no particular order) 1. Being bright and intelligent can make you feel even more trapped and desperate, when you dream of higher

We Move, They Stay

I got up early to do some serious packing. Even after leaving communication equipment, soccer balls and clothing, and eating some

The Search for a Donkey

The team searched for a suitable donkey for the Human Rights Mobile Library. Donkeys are the main means of transportation for

A Familiar Face

Gabriel and the team visit Guisma’s family in camp Djabal. She has grown a lot since Gabriel first met her but

Meeting Old Friends

Gabriel meets up with Busseina, and Adam! Adam has moved from Camp Kounoungo to Camp Djabal. They talk about progress, unity,


I haven’t had much of a chance to write anything since we arrived here in Chad. There has been so much