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A new approach to sanctions in Sudan

Omar Al-Bashir

Thanks to our friends at the Enough Project for this post. Read more about modernizing a sanctions approach for Sudan here

Many of us have worked together for years now to stop the atrocities being perpetrated against the people of Sudan. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir continues to commit abuses against his own people throughout Darfur, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and many other parts of the country. His regime continues to bomb civilian populations from the air and block humanitarian aid on the ground.

International efforts to counter these atrocities have not been effective. It is time for a new approach. This week, Enough published a new strategy for the U.S. and it allies to create real consequences for continuing atrocities and to create new leverage for peace.

Take action: Urge President Obama to counter the financing of atrocities in Sudan.

As long as Bashir and his cronies are able to profit from conflict and repress opposition, the regime has no incentive to pursue peace. To create the influence necessary to change calculations in Sudan’s government, the U.S. and its allies must employ a much more focused strategy of financial pressure to target those individuals and entities that benefit from this violent status quo.

In President Obama’s final nine months in office, his Administration has a window of opportunity to increase the leverage the U.S. has over the Sudanese government. This April, in honor of Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month, please take action with me and urge President Obama to counter the financing of atrocities in Sudan.

Atrocity crimes shouldn’t pay.

John Prendergast
Founding Director
Enough Project

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