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Movie Trailers That Spark Activism from ‘Iolani School’s 7th Graders

A BIG mahalo to ‘Iolani School world geography teacher Mr. Epstein and his talented 7th graders. After Gabriel, KTJ, and Sara-Christine of Team i-ACT brought Camp Darfur to the ‘Iolani campus, Mr. Epstein and students went the extra mile to spark social awareness by using tools – like iMovie – to create short trailers to get the message across that WE (you and I) are the ones who can bring about change and hope for the defenseless victims of genocide.

Please take the time to view and experience all 7 short trailers below.  Each are different.  Some use the same music and photos, some have original content captured via smartphones, but each trailer has astonishing facts that will take your breath away.  WARNING: Some of the images may be inappropriate for children due to the disturbing historical events captured on film, but each piece was created by ‘Iolani students with the intention of bringing the dark side of genocide to the attention of their peers, in order for them to understand that genocide and mass atrocities are STILL occurring and should never have to be experienced by anyone.

What do you think? Which video resonates with you the most? Do you have a favorite video that compels you to act to end genocide?  Is there a particular video that made you realize how cruel and disgusting humans can be to other humans?  Vote below – the students of ‘Iolani School and Team i-ACT would love to hear what is effective. And the 7th grade production team with the most votes at the end of this month (October) will receive the infamous “Humanity Before Politics” t-shirts.  Mahalo!

 1. Never Again

2. Cambodian Genocide

3. Stop Genocide

4. The Comeback of Hope

5. End It Now

6. The Struggle

7. Camp Darfur

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Surprised that there are no comments but don’t worry I will circulate to a much larger audience. That said, the choice was very difficult as all the videos are so well done, by 7th graders you say? So I based my decision on which one best conveyed the message about Darfur, “The Struggle” was my choice. My government has proved useless in averting this tragedy mostly for their failure to officially recognize it as another genocide. Any ideas on how to correct that?

Hi Clay,

Are you in the US or living elsewhere? If outside the US I can certainly try and connect you with other advocate groups working to bring peace to Darfur. Here in the US, President Obama created the Atrocities Prevention Board, which is yet to become a permanent body. However, it is a very good first step towards preventing future atrocities.

Yes, I live in the US, Land O’ Lakes, Florida and I am an activist. That said having heard numerous discussions on Democracy Now regarding the clear genocide occurring in Darfur it is the US that is preventing the UN from classifying this as a genocide which would then require immediate action. Where there may have been the creation of the Atrocities Prevention Board (APB) it does little to stem the death, violence, displacement and eventual elimination of an entire ethnic group. The APB would be best used to address the atrocities of police, intelligent services, our military and the present administration here in our own country while classifying these events in Darfur for what they are GENOCIDE makes it an issue that requires an immediate global response.

Greetings Katie-Jay,
Just got another followup from ya’ll just like the 1st one when you wrote me. I came to the comment section and replied but I note that reply is not here so once again. I live in Land O’ Lakes, Florida I am do not believe the formation of an Atrocities Prevention Board (APB) is the answer to the ongoing genocide. The US fails to call this genocide when it clearly is because to do so would mean that the UN, the world, would be forced to take direct action to stop it. The APB is a bandaid response to an arterial wound completely insufficient and ineffective. The APB would be better suited to address the atrocities being committed in our own country by our militarized police forces.

Hi Clay, Thank you for your comments. The US Government declared Darfur a genocide several years ago. Since, we’ve all been trying to get then to act on their word. One thing we’ve seen a need for and are now working towards is building a permanent anti-genocide constituency across the US. This involves the Carl Wilkens Fellowshi ( We actually have one Fellow who is in FL and who is making a real effort at educating the FL Members of Congress on current atrocities and how they can act. Since this is a lame duck Congress, we are really trying to educate and make their staff members care, since they usually stick around. Hopefully we can work on real legislation in 2015. Let me know if you want more information! And thank you for engaging!

Greetings KatieJay,

Thanks for getting back to me.
Where the US might have recognized Darfur as a genocide they have failed to do so within the UN Security Council in context of the R2P which would result in direct military intervention.
Personally I hate war, military intervention, police actions, etc. but sometimes, as R2P states, it is absolutely necessary. This is one such case. As a self proclaimed world leader the US has failed to take the necessary steps for the last 9 years as the slaughter continues. Words won’t get the job done only action.

Thankyou for this information.
I chose The Come back of hope.
In agreement with Clay, all very well done video by seventh graders.I will be sharing this important cause with all of my Facebook and twitter followers.

All the short video testimonies were extremely moving and telling and you all should be very proud of the work that you are doing to bring awareness to the World in your efforts to end Genocide. I wish I could vote for more than just one. I will not reveal which one as they are all so well done


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