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Loving You

I write this blog about Darfur to my three children, Boston 6, Capri 3 and Cayman 2. My desire is that through my writing they can know me, know the world and learn how they can achieve anything in order to change it. To the reader, I hope by giving you a transparent look into our lives, that you may learn something about yourself in order to help heal the world.

miah making bonesThe last blog I wrote was about healing, self-healing and the opportunity for humanity to be healed. On a very personal level, a great amount of healing can come to us – and through us to others – as we truly learn to love who we are.

Personally, I spent many years not loving who I am and spending that time telling myself that I was simply not good enough. Even at the age of 37, I am still learning to have an appreciation and respect for all that I am. Not in an egotistic way, one that is boosted up by the material and earthly things, but in a deeper, spiritual way.

Your mother and I are always sharing our love with all of you and reminding you to love who you are. Despite this, there will be chances to practice self-forgiveness, self-healing and self-love.  Besides, it seems to be some sort of right of passage for humans. At first it may seem difficult, it may take time as it has in my case, but it is a focus worth pursuing.

So why I am writing about self-love on a blog that is concerned about ended the genocide in Darfur and healing our African brothers and sisters? Well our love towards humanity, towards others, is limited by the amount of love that we have internally. If we can learn to remember who we are, to deepen our love and respect for who we are, then we can share a greater love towards others. Loving ourselves is loving others.

Learn to love who you are and create a deep respect and appreciation for who you are and the go and spread that love towards all of those around, to all of humanity.

I love you so much. You have taught me so much. Because you have come into my life, my love has not only deepened towards who I am, but towards all of humanity. Thank you, thank you, I love you!

In April, Jeremiah and his wife, Jessica, took  Boston, Capri, and Cayman to help make bones for the One Million Bones project. Their art pieces will be laid on the National Mall in honor of victims of mass atrocities everywhere.

cayman making bones Boston making bones

jessica boston

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Repressive regimes still practiced genocide system without accountability when the present war criminals to the International Criminal Court
Ask for the immediate arrest of the perpetrators of the genocide in Sudan is still world haunt the tip of criminals

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