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Do you remember your first?

If you type the word magnificent into a Thesaurus, in return you will get a list of adjectives that will describe my day. If you type the name Umbda into the Thesaurus, nothing will come back in return. However, the words that could be there are; amazing, leader, servant, savior, teacher, inspiring, courageous, moving, loving, kind, and passionate.

I had the honor to meet Umbda today. He shared his amazing and powerful story with us. He shared about his experiences of being in Darfur, being arrested several times by the Sudanese government, then the eventual attacks on his village, the escape by those of his village and the trek here to Eastern Chad, where he has been for over 7 years now. It was an unforgettable experience and I invite you to immerse yourself in his story when the video becomes available.

The moment with Umbda took me back to my first i-ACT story. Do you remember your first? The first i-ACT video I saw was the story of Ahmet, a young Sudanese teenage boy with charisma, passion and courage. It was a story and video that has truly changed my life forever. I was captivated by his story and by who he is and Ahmet, (unbeknownst to him) set me on a journey to understand what was happening here in Africa. This journey has brought me here to Africa and changed my life forever. As I am eternally grateful for Ahmet, Umbda, and the many other stories that have changed my life, I strive to return this favor to them and their people. They have served me and changed my life forever; I worry that I cannot do the same for them. I worry that I won’t be able to have the same impact on them as they have had on me. However, I am here and so are they and the work will not stop as long as they are refugees.

I invite you to remember that first story, the one that got you involved with i-ACT in the first place. If you are new to this website and cause, I invite you immerse yourself in these stories. Watch them, soak in these stories. Their sacrifice and hardships can change your life and you can change theirs.



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