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Escalating War in Sudan:Urgent U.S. Policy Responses Needed

The international community must acknowledge that an undeclared war is now beginning between North and South Sudan says Sudan Now, a group of anti-genocide and human rights organizations.

The escalating violence in the Nuba Mountains of the country’s tense border region of South Kordofan is the latest flashpoint in this conflict, but characterizing it as an isolated or localized incident fails to recognize the intensifying conflict across the country. Three weeks away from South Sudan’s independence, the government of Sudan has undertaken military operations on multiple fronts, including the military occupation of Abyei, intensified bombing of Darfur, support for Southern Sudanese militias, an economic blockade of the South, and the most recent attacks in South Kordofan. Read more

Sudan in Crisis: Tell President Obama to Take Action Now

Breaking news: Recent and escalating violence in the disputed border region of Abyei threatens to plunge North and South Sudan back into civil war.

The Obama administration, laudably, has already started taking action and making bold statements that we support. But now we need them to raise the stakes.

Ask President Obama to take swift and urgent action now.

Call the White House now: 202-456-1111 Tell them that offering incentives to the Government of Sudan to do the right thing simply isn’t working. It’s time to impose consequences.