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Why SGN/i-ACT? And more importantly, why Darfur?

If the second question has yet to be answered for you, I’d suggest reading the beautiful and moving words and images of “Why Darfur… Again?” However, for me, the first reason I emailed SGN asking if they had any need for a writer/editor was because it seemed like the best way for my writing to help someone. I love to write and I have written in so many capacities that I do not think I can count them all, but none of them have ever really been to benefit anyone.

I have always focused on the way my words sound, rather than what they are really saying. SGN has given me the chance for my words to really matter. When they first asked me to edit “Why Darfur… Again?” I was excited to begin my first assignment and take a break from studying for finals. And then I started actually reading the different reasons why this amazing group of people has been helping the Darfuri refugees for so long and I realized that I could never have anticipated the impact that these stories and pictures could have in such a short time. And if they could impact me and make me so much more passionate about helping this organization and the people who they so tirelessly support.

I hope that everyone will take the time to read the 100 Reasons Why Darfur, because I guarantee that afterwards you will want to help them too. Thank you for this incredible opportunity, and I look forward to helping this amazing organization and the wonderful, inspiring people they work to support.


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