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“You’re a survivor and you’re going to a be a survivor.”

In the midst of preparing for the i-ACT team’s departure this morning, I received this deeply touching video from our Armenian friends at In His Shoes, and their inspiring community. I cried through the entire video. At the end, I felt sorrow but also renewed commitment.

These are messages, Greetings of Hope, from one community of genocide survivors to another. From children who can say “My parents were married in a refugee camp” to children struggling to survive in a camp. From a woman whose “…grandparents walked through the desert” to a the mother who buried her baby on the journey from Darfur to Chad.

“I am a genocide survivor, like you. What happened to you happened to me…”

The i-ACT team will show these messages to the Darfuri refugees during i-ACT Expedition #10 and we collect their responses and share them with In His Shoes and the Armenian community.

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