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Darfur Roadmap to Peace

In Darfur, violence is on the rise and a deeply flawed peace process is coming to an end. In 2010 alone, more than 2,300 Darfuris were killed and over 300,000 civilians were displaced. Today, Sudan Now released a new paper, A Roadmap for Peace in Darfur, which calls for a reinvigorated plan for ending the violence that has plagued Darfuris for so long.

Right now, the Government of Sudan is attempting to move the entire Darfur peace process to Sudan. But escalating attacks on civilians by the Sudanese armed forces and rebel groups, ongoing restrictions on humanitarian and peacekeeper access, and the detention and repression of human rights activists and political protesters make Sudan an impossible venue to negotiate a sustainable and comprehensive peace.

The United States must insist on a political process that brings everyone to the table – outside of Sudan in a neutral location with a high-profile mediator backed by the international community — as well as a better plan for civil society engagement.


Email the President and ask him to follow the Roadmap for Peace in Darfur.

Very important action for Darfur. Ask @BarackObama to follow Roadmap for Peace in Darfur

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