Think Global, Act Local, deja vu (Reasons #70-73)

On our first day in camp Goz Amer we had a wonderfully deep and thoughtful conversation with several camp leaders and teachers. These leaders are worldly, yet they feel like they are stuck on an island. Here are a few things that struck me as reasons Why Darfur…

“Education is not just important for Darfuris but for all the world.” (Reason #70)

“We have no right to say what we need and do what we need. It is not free.” (Reason #71)

“Now the Sudan just trains many militia to control the situation outside the camps [internally displaced persons’s camps]. So no one can go outside…it’s like a prison.” (Reason #72)

“The situation is Darfur is worse.” (Reason #73)

Katie-Jay keeps i-ACT running on several levels. Much of her work entails coordinating partnerships with other grassroots organizations and implementing the campaigns developed by Gabriel and seeing through the details. She graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Sociology and a focus on Community Development. She has previously worked as a community organizer in Thailand, Guatemala, and with grassroots organizations across the United States.



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