Day 10: December 18

Think Global, Act Local, deja vu (Reasons #70-73)

On our first day in camp Goz Amer we had a wonderfully deep and thoughtful conversation with several camp leaders and teachers. These leaders are worldly, yet they feel like they are stuck on an island. Here are a few things that struck me as reasons Why Darfur…

“Education is not just important for Darfuris but for all the world.” (Reason #70)

“We have no right to say what we need and do what we need. It is not free.” (Reason #71)

“Now the Sudan just trains many militia to control the situation outside the camps [internally displaced persons’s camps]. So no one can go outside…it’s like a prison.” (Reason #72)

“The situation is Darfur is worse.” (Reason #73)

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