Day 8: December 16


The Obama Administration has appointed a senior level diplomat for
Darfur, Ambassador Dane Smith. They did this to answer our calls of
action. You and thousands of others called, wrote, posted, tweeted,
and signed. With your support behind them the administration was able
to move forward on the roadmap of peace for Darfur. (IN BOLD) Call the
President and use this script (or call with your own message):

I stand with the people of Sudan. With the
referendum in the South only three weeks away and violence and tension
in Darfur on the rise, I ask you to please do all in your power so
that lives and human rights are respected. Please engage publicly and
behind the scenes in an all out diplomatic press, and be prepared with
pressures and consequences for anyone locking the road to lasting
peace and justice in all Sudan.

President Obama: 202-456-1111 9am-5pm EST

Please call back if you get a busy signal, once on the phone it only
takes a few minutes to complete the call!

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