Day 2: December 10

iOnGround: Darfur Refugee Journalism. Their lives, through their eyes.

Rahma was so excited to receive a camera for the day. He enthusiastically taught his sister, Zaineb, and Bashir how to use the ‘quick camera’ (still camera), as they call it, and Bashar to use a video camera. The quick cameras, like most found in the United States, also record video, but we thought to keep it simple we would only show them how to take still photos. But by the end of the day they proved just how keen and smart they are. When we met them to collect their cameras, they were snapping photos, turning the camera to preview mode, and showing us their masterpieces! As we downloaded everything later we realized that many of the images on the quick cameras were actually videos! At one point we can see Rahma, Zanieb, their brothers Alhadi and Mansur, and the twins, Bashir and Bashar sitting in a circle determined to figure out all the elements of the cameras. These are the photographs and videos that our refugee friends want to share with you . Their lives, through their eyes.

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