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Reflections from MY HOME

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“The MY HOME exhibit for Darfur is deeply moving and informative. Certainly for me to have my children with me, who’ve watched me through the years advocate on behalf for the people of Darfur. Now as young adults, their personal experience meeting you, Gabriel and Katie-Jay, along with the powerful exhibit was moving. When my son Gabriel asked about the drawings, he’d of course seen similar before posted on the many versions of a my facebook page, and when I told him they were the original drawings of the children and how they were almost lost, the impact in my son was visual. Liv, my daughter, in our conversation this morning was in awe of the authenticity of all she’d encountered at the exhibit. With sincerity of heart and passion she said, ‘It was not at all like those charity events – this was real love.'”
Kim Amadril, Activist and Mother



“The 10 minutes that it took to walk through the My Home exhibit did more to arouse and galvanize our team about the refugee children in Chad, than full evening events on the subject I have participated in recently. If you have not gone: go now, go support, and be moved to take the next step. The exhibit will have on-line petitions there to act immediately. As moving and sad as the subject matter is, it is equally rewarding to know that there are immediate steps you can take to help stop these atrocities.”
Christian Anderson, Rise Up Coalition



“The MY HOME exhibit offers a rare opportunity to experience life for Darfuri Refugee Children. Through multiple media, one gets a sense of how these children’s lives have been affected forever by their experiences in Darfur and how important it is to provide some level of safety, security, and education for them. The whole experience was very moving and I am glad I was able to do some advocacy to help the situation politically, however there is still so much that needs to be done.”
Michelle Westmiller, Student Activist Organizer for Jewish World Watch




As part of the MY HOME exhibit, visitors are asked to take a picture with this drawing of “home” by a Darfuri child. Our goal is to collect 3,477 photos of supporters; one photo for each destroyed Darfuri village.

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