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The Enough Moment – A New Book

jp_dc_coffee.jpgAlmost every human rights activist has faced that moment in their life when they learn about a grave human rights atrocity, and say to themselves, “I must do something. I can do something.”

This is exactly what John Prendergast and Don Cheadle’s new book, The Enough Moment, is all about.  Last week here in Los Angeles, JP and Cheadle had an inspiring community conversation about their Enough moments and how together we can make a difference in countries like Sudan, Uganda, and Congo.

Gabriel also shared his Enough Moment, which is included in the book on page 87. He mentioned the powerful brainstorming sessions he had with his then nine-year-old daughter, Noemi, about what more they could do to make an impact on the world. Noemi, now 14 and attending high school, listened in the audience as her father shared his story.

Check out this great new book that is a conversation between JP and Cheadle about important conflicts and the Frontline, Famous, and Citizen Upstanders who have decided to no longer be bystanders. It’s a must read for advocates and a great opportunity to bring this information into the classroom if you are an educator.

You can also share your own Enough Moment and connect with thousands of activists. Together we are a movement working to end genocide and mass atrocities!

Photo provided by Enough Project.

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