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Seven Days for Sudan: A Super-Activist Challenge

Do you care deeply about the future of Sudan? Do you regularly look for opportunities for advocacy and action? Are you on Facebook (and Twitter for extra points)? Did you answer yes to all three questions? You are a Super-Activist – and we need you!

Join us for our Seven Days for Sudan Challenge! We are challenging 50 Super-Activists to commit to seven days of actions — each day of action will take less than 7 minutes of your online life.

Each day, beginning Monday, August 23rd, we will take over, attack (peacefully) and OWN the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of 7 influential Members of Congress. 50 or more activists will make sure that the message is being heard loud and clear.

  • Our Ask to Members of Congress: Call President Obama and deliver our message about Sudan.
  • Our Message: Mr. President, the true measure of U.S. Sudan policy is conditions on the ground. Current U.S. Sudan policy is failing. In Darfur, mass human rights violations, repression and instability are on the rise. Tensions between the North and South are mounting, and the danger of conflict that may result in massive civilian casualties is very real. You have a decision to make about the U.S. Sudan policy. We urge you to implement your promised comprehensive policy of incentives and pressures, rallying the world for lasting peace and justice in all of Sudan. For over 20 years, Sudan has been the home to some of the worst human rights abuses in the world. Your decision could change this. Millions of lives are at stake.

What you need to do to join the Challenge:

Send an E-mail to and say, “I’m in!”

We will E-mail you each of the 7 days with the easy actions.

What you win by taking the 7 Day Challenge: You’ll be at the forefront of activism, visibly making a difference for a cause we all care deeply about!

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