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Darfuris Release Statement on Current Situation

One hundred fourteen Darfuris and 27 Associations and Organizations in North America issued a statement today calling on the international community to act on their Responsibility to Protect (R2P), particularly the United States:

“Currently, our people in the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp of Kalma are under threat of violence, homelessness, and lack of basic life subsistence. The threat is coming from the local government of South Darfur and from central government in Khartoum. Similar conditions are faced by IDPs in Hamideyeah in the Zalengi area of West Darfur.

The Government of Sudan is intent on dismantling these camps by force. The Government officials in South Darfur made their intentions very clear in defiance of all international protocols and conventions that protect IDPs. This is a continuation of the crimes of genocide in Darfur.

We believe strongly that the Government of Sudan, sadly, has perfected reading in advance the reaction of the international community, and the United States in particular.

The Government of Sudan, headed by a President indicted for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, continues using same tactics used by other genocidal perpetrators through history to finish the job. They will not stop till they are stopped.

The Government of Sudan feels absolutely immune to any accountability. Furthermore, the officials in Khartoum and South Darfur audaciously state their plans in dismantling the IDP camps in meetings with UNAMID and NGOs representatives.

We believe that what is happening in Darfur has direct relation to the U. S. policy in handling Darfur’s crisis.

The international community has an obligation to protect the Darfuri civilians. This Responsibility-To-Protect (R2P) should be exercised now to stop the on-going genocide in Darfur.”

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Darfuri leaders believe continuation of crimes of genocide in #Darfur relates to misdirected US #Sudan Policy @presssec

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