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President Obama: No Support for Sham Elections

Urgent Action: Upcoming Elections in Sudan are a Sham!



Under the current climate of violence and political intimidation, the
Sudanese elections currently scheduled for April 2010 will be anything
but free and fair. The electoral reforms laid out by Sudan’s 2005
Comprehensive Peace Agreement – necessary for a credible election – have
been delayed, obstructed and outrightly violated by the Sudanese
government. With insecurity continuing in Darfur and violence mounting
in the South, fraudulent elections in April could be a dangerous
flashpoint for Sudan.

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States, stop supporting the sham April 2010 elections in Sudan. In a
climate of violent political intimidation and with millions
disenfranchised in camps, there cannot be credible elections in Sudan.
Our support gives the Government of al-Bashir, indicted on war crimes
and crimes against humanity, legitimacy it does not deserve. It is a
waste of American taxpayer money, and non-credible elections will fuel
violence and divisions in a country that is already on the brink.
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