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Bagels, Diet-Soda, and Action

I like bagels.  Whole-wheat sesame bagels are what I usually go for, accompanied by a very refillable diet soda.  Those two things plus my MacBook, and I’m ready to engage in all-out, rough-and-tumble Sudan advocacy.

While I sip on my diet, Sudan is walking on the edge, with the most innocent and disadvantaged risking the most.  Can I have the right perspective on something as huge as genocide and mass atrocities, while also trying to make sure I don’t smudge my Mac full of light cream cheese?

Katie-Jay and I, and hopefully others from our team, will be blogging at this space in a more regular basis.  It will add to our workload, but I think it will help with perspective (a subject we talk about often, between our group and with others), and it might help other activists to reflect also.  This blog might tend to be more personal, but don’t worry.  We can’t help ourselves, and we’ll for sure be ranting about actions everyone should be taking and about the kick in the butt our leaders need.

Back to bagels, diet soda, and perspective.  When we’re out in the camps, I would give just about ANYTHING for a bagel and a diet!  We also, in the middle of our long, sleepless days and nights, talk about whether we are not “in too deep.”  We spend hours and hours with the refugees, hearing their stories and sharing moments of their lives.  They are friends.  They are family.  Can we maintain the right perspective?


They are friends.  They are family.


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