Issue 13: October 2009 Take Action

President Obama: Actions Not Words

FatmaIn these crucial days for Darfur and all of Sudan, as violence erupts and tension builds, it is crucial to keep pressuring our leaders to do what is right for innocent civilians.

Please take action to support immediate and effective implementation of U.S.’s new Sudan policy. The recently released Sudan Policy could be very effective, with its emphasis on the need for real progress, not just promises, and real pressures, if progress on the ground is not forthcoming. Support the US leading a more urgent peace process, building an international coalition for strict implementation of the North-South peace deal, and employing real consequences for those who continue to attack civilians, block life-saving aid, undermine peace and obstruct justice.

Please call 1 800 GENOCIDE and/or e-mail President Obama with this message:

President Obama, you should immediately demand real progress in Sudan by applying pressure on Khartoum to achieve peace. I stand with Sudan Now.

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