DAILY ACTIONS: Check back weekly for updated things you can do!

farha.jpg MONDAY: Call the White House at 202.456.1111 between 9am and 5pm EST. You will speak to a volunteer operator. Tell them you want President Obama to

1. Lead an effective peace process in Darfur

2. Create consequences for the Khartoum government.

3. Keep promise to stand strong with innocent civilians and lead in bringing peace protection and justice to Sudan.

ahmat_sm.jpg TUESDAY: Text “I Stand with Sudan Now” to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton at 90822.
dahjima_smlst.jpg WEDNESDAY: Educate yourself on the current situation in Darfur and Sudan. Human Rights Watch has recently released a new report The Way Forward: Ending Human Rights Abuses and Repression across Sudan. Read the article or download the full report.
adam_smlst.jpg THURSDAY: URGENT ACTION – President Obama: The TIME FOR DARFUR IS NOW
adef_and_family_smlst.jpg FRIDAY: On Twitter? Urge others to follow Darfur and human rights groups (#FF). This week #FF @iact and @hrw
fatna_smlst.jpg SATURDAY: Tell five friends about Darfur and ask them to take one simple action from this list. Use your facebook status or twitter update to urge people to be an Upstander not a Bystander for Darfur.
mansur_smlst.jpg SUNDAY: Connect with a refugee. Each week we will profile a new refugee here. This week: MansurMansur is an artist. Drawings of Darfur, and the attacks on his people, cover the walls of his mud hut. Watch this video of Mansur describe the horrors of his Darfur memories. Download his profile and share it with your community.

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