Issue 11: August 2009

Oregon is i-ACTing

The Oregon Community has been quiet; however, strategic and present.  There are many independent groups working, still very much committed to the vast mission of bringing about awareness and education for Darfur.  As a community, we have all had the privilege of coming together through Darfur Fast for Life; this gave us the opportunity to join hundreds of others around the world to become part of the international movement of change for Darfur.  Since our coming together and working collaboratively, the Oregon community has been able to achieve a small amount of progress, through round table discussions, house meetings, and preparations for many local events. Our ability to consistently bring the message has allowed those that believed the cause was too big and too much to believe in their own ability to stand and ACT.  With our events come a modest amount of press and new people championing our cause.  We have seen how well a few voices coming together can yell loudly and have a great impact.  Our community here in Oregon has been working tirelessly to bring all of our thoughts and ideas together to talk, plan, yell, walk, and most recently drink martini’s for Darfur. With every event or meeting the Oregon community is able to connect not only together for a common cause, but also with those working so incredibly hard internationally; most important our work brings us closer to the amazingly strong and courageous people of Darfur.

Alysha Atma

i-ACT/SGN Regional Coordinator

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