Issue 11: August 2009 Take Action

Hope: Love Requires Action

KTJ and Phillip.jpg I was given a tshirt almost a year and half ago that reminds me that my hope for a better world, and the love and energy I have to give towards making the change requires me to ACT. At times I feel like I have done all that I can, but am reminded by the voices of the refugees that I have not done nearly enough, because they are still unable to return to a safe and peaceful home. We cannot give up and we cannot all silent, we must continue to act:

  1. Spread the “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” video! Throw it on your facebook page, twitter it, help it go viral and expose the “New People, Same Results” actions that the Obama administration is taking. You can also send it the White House via email, twitter, or facebook! Or get creative, post it on one of the many i-Reporter news sites!
  2. Call Special Envoy Scott Gration at 202-647-4531 and ask him to head in the right direction using both carrots and sticks for Sudan.
  3. Fill in your own action, and send us an e-mail at i-actinfo[at] with what you did!

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