Issue 11: August 2009

Keeping a promise

I met Adam and Abdal at Obama School in Camp Djabal. We (the i-ACT team) were going over the logistics of a live video broadcast that we would do from the school later in the day. They came up to me, each holding a piece of folded paper. They told me that they had letters that they had written to President Obama that they wanted to show me. I asked them to read me the letters and I promised them that I would put it on the internet for people around the world to see. Please watch and listen to what Adam and Abdal are saying.

— Eric

Note: At the end of the video Abdal talks about celebrations at the Ocampo School. There is a school in Camp Djabal that has been named for Luis Moreno Ocampo – the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC)

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