Day 9: June 23, 2009


IMG_1964.JPG I know the name of three.  I feel bad that I did not ask the name of the fourth.  Marymouda is the last one.  The first and second were Issa and Abrahim.  The third died on his mother’s back, as she, Adef and remaining siblings escaped from Darfur.  They have lost four children in six years.  Who’s counting?  Someone should be held accountable.

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Gabriel, I am writing just to let you know I am checking in with you each day, but hardly know what to write. We all hoped our activism would protect the people of Darfur. We now understand how long that could take. If children are starting to be named after you…it is a tribute to your friendship with the family but also a measure of how vast and complex the issues that cause these human rights abuses. I continue my work here at home, planning for another human rights education workshop to train teachers. Two STFers you know will help encourage the teachers to include human rights in their courses. (Ginny from Crossroads and Amy from Marlborough.) When you come home, lets sit down and think about education. You have taught so many.
Ever onward, Pam

Hi Pam!
Yes, let’s get together soon. STF is such a great model, and we tell others around the country about your work. Please let the students know that what they do makes a great difference. Imagine what it would be like in Darfur and Chad if no one was talking about it, if no one was calling and sending letters and petitions to our leaders, if we did not pressure the media to cover it, even if just a little. So much more needs to be done, though. It has to be more of us doing it, also. Big hug, Pam. See you soon!

Gabriel,KTJ and team,

Thank you so much for getting their story out to us! We must work hard to personalize this genocide. We must not turn away from it and the UN must do its work in holding the responsible accountable at the ICC. I just got done listening to John Norris and John Prendergast on a conference call…we must not become complacent as that is exactly what the GOS expects from Americans. Your work is ensuring that the pressure is on and that he world is watching and in that…you are keeping them alive. We must use the room you have given us to push the Obama administration to end this Genocide! Peace and safe journey home!

Rob Hadley
Portland, OR

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