Day 8: June 22, 2009 Take Action

Day 8 Action: Be Heard

Let us be heard by our leader, President Barack Obama. Everyone we meet has faith that he will do the right thing. We even met one man who named is newborn son, Obama because President Obama believes in peace, justice and democracy. Unfortunately, President Obama is like most other politicians in that his actions are motivated by re-election.  He needs to hear from you.

This week, between 9am-5pm EST, call the White House 202-456-1111 and tell President Obama to bring justice and peace to Darfur.

If you get a busy signal. Please don’t give up. Call back, usually it takes a few quick dials within a few minutes to reach one of the White House Operators. 

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Please call Obama. We now have a leader who will defend Human Rights with integrity not seen since FDR.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a commercial spot like this on network television!
I got the urge to call while I was watching it only that’s it’s late now so I’ll have to wait til tomorrow…

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