Day 4: June 18, 2009



Rahma is one special boy.  If you meet him once, you will remember him.  “He is clever,” the teachers tell us.  Rahma’s smile is what gets you first, but there is so much beyond that positive exterior.  He is very thoughtful.  He thinks about the outside world and wonders about his future in this big sphere he is so interested in knowing.

“I want to learn,” Rahma tells us.

Today, the Rahma smile was not always there.  After visiting his mother at the camp hospital where she has been for three days, sick with Malaria, he turned to me with a pained look in his face, one I had not seen before, and said, “I am angry today.”  I believe he meant sad, but angry is also very appropriate.

I just asked my teammates, “Who will be mentioning Rahma in your blog today?”  Everyone raised their hand.

Peace, G

Rahma filming Gabriel

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