Day 2: June 16, 2009 Take Action

Action Day 2: Courage to Spread the Word

Poster (issued by the Jewish War Veterans of the United States) calling for a boycott of German goods. New York, United States, between 1937 and 1939.During the Holocaust, there was a couple living in Germay who learned to the truth of what the Nazi regime was doing. For as long as they could, they left flyers in public places telling this truth. They didn’t know if it made a difference, but it was all they felt they could do. They risked their lives to stand up against the Nazis. They were courageous. Their flyers made history because they did reach people. Take a risk, step outside your own comfort zone.

Print 10 of these flyers, cut them in quarters, and leave them in your community. It might be a risk, but it is something we can all do. You never know who will pick one up.

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Flyers will be left wherever we go! We’ll be giving more of these to the local Darfuri families to pass out in their neighborhood. I also faxed several Twitter feed updates re
i-ACT8 to President Obama and TX Congressional members.

Keep up the excellent reporting from within about all those who are without!


San Antonio

This is amazing Lisa!

Also, during the live video from the camp, there will be a live chat. If you want to get Darfuris from SA to tune in, they can ask direct questions to the Darfur refugees and we can facilitate a question and answer! That would be so cool!

best, ktj

Just now, I sent the text below to President Obama via

What is your policy as President on genocide and Darfur?

I am very disappointed that you have taken no leadership regarding Darfur. You promised you would act when you were a candidate.

All of us who have been volunteering our time and work toward ending the active and passive genocide by starvation, dehydration, disease and rape of the Darfuris for five years are very disheartened by President Obama’s silence on this issue. The Darfuris at the refugee Camp Djabal in Chad renamed their school for the children – the Obama School. They believed a President Obama would act on their behalf in some beneficial ways. They feel let down now.

The iACT Stop Genocide Now team is in a Darfuri refugee camp right now, June 15 – 24, 2009, reporting daily on Youtube and their website. And the teacher at the Obama School at Djabal’s refugee camp told them yesterday that maybe President Obama made previous promises about Darfur because “he was candidate”.

“The United States has a moral obligation anytime you see humanitarian catastrophes…we have the most stake in creating an order in the world that is stable…in which people have hope and opportunity and when you see a genocide whether it’s in Rwanda, or Bosnia or in Darfur – that’s a stain on all of us, that’s a stain on our souls…I was the first along with Senator Brownback to focus on ratcheting up sanctions and getting an envoy in there who was serious. We worked diligently to get the Darfur Peace and Accountability act passed…I think the level of commitment and the way that I’ve spoken out on this issue indicates not only knowledge, but also passion in bringing an end to this crisis. It’s very encouraging to see activism based not on self-interest, but on moral imperative and it’s especially heartening to see young people engaged in expressing their idealism through this movement …We can’t say ‘never again’ and then allow it to happen again. And as President of the United States I don’t intend to abandon people or turn a blind eye to slaughter.” November 2007

President Obama apparently found it easy to speak articulately about Darfur based on morals before he was President. And now, we see him doing nothing helpful about Darfur. We are disappointed with Scott Gration, the special envoy to Sudan.

This is a deeply defining issue. And President Obama’s lack of leadership regarding Darfur is defining me in ways that I certainly deplore.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” Martin Luther King

On World Refugee Day – Saturday June 20, 2009, the iACT Stop Genocide Now team will be live streaming from Camp Djabal.

Thank you for your attention.

Most sincerely,

Sandra Hammel
Genocide Will Stop Only If We Have the Political Will

Where there is a will there is always a way
and where there is no will there is no way.

thank you Sandra!

You always write such personal letters to Obama. Making them public doubles the impact by allowing others to follow your lead. Thank you, thank you.

We hope to see Raouda tomorrow for the live feed, but also spend some time with her Sunday so we can just relax.

best, ktj

More than 10 flyers I will do! Everywhere I’ll be passing out these flyers…I am an educator and believe me I am going to spread out the word!

I am very thankful for all the work you do and wish I was part of your team!
Please say hello for me to all the children and wonderful women you will meet in your journey.



We are always looking for team members to help in any way! Let me know us know if you want to join the team. By taking action, you are part of the i-ACT team!

cheers, ktj

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