Day 10: April 2

Day 10 Actions: Not the Last Day for Action

Even though this i-ACT is wrapping up, our activism cannot. We must continue to be strong through our actions for Darfur. As Suliemen from Djabal said, “We have great CONFIDENCE in you to help us.” We cannot let our friends down. Three things you can do today!

1. Commit to remaining a super activist by joining our i-ACTivists+ group. We will send more updates, share ideas, and stay connected more frequently. Email i-actinfo[at] to sign up.

2. Commit to doing a sit-in at your Senator’s office. Email i-actinfo[at] to talk with us about how we will support you.

3. Action to take, right now: Fax your Senator Dajhima’s story from our Day 9 video.

  • Download the pdf: Dajhima’s Story
  • Find the fax addresses for your Senator.
  • Go to
  • Enter Sender (You) and Receiver (Senator) Information.
  • Fax Information: click on “choose file” and choose Dajhima’s Story.
  • Confirmation Code: Enter Code
  • Click on “Send Free Fax Now”
  • Open email from faxzero and click on confirmation link (this is very important or fax won’t be sent!)

A few Reminders:
*If you have been following us on twitter, facebook or through another link, please stay connected to us by signing up for our listserve in the left hand box on our website.
**If you took the i-ACTivist Challenge, don’t forget to email the words for each day, the action you took, t-shirt size (M and F available), and address to challenge[at]

Wake up, Brush your Teeth, Call your Leaders – and today save them in your phone!

Los Angeles Action: Please join us on Sunday, April 5th 1:00 pm for an Interfaith Sedar @ the LA Federal Building on Wilshire Blvd! Download the updated flyer.

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